RRISK Seminars 2017

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The RRISK seminar venues for 2017 are:

Tweed/Murwillumbah – Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School Auditorium – 6th & 7th November 2017

Lismore – Southern Cross University – 8, 9, & 10th November 2017

Coffs Harbour – Southern Cross University – 14 & 15 November 2017

Port Macquarie – Port Macquarie Panthers – 20 & 21 November 2017

Kempsey – Melville High Community Hall – 22 November 2017

RRISK seminar sessions

A RRISK seminar day contains five presentations covering the following topics:

Session 1 : Alcohol and other Drugs

The latest research on adolescent risk taking and drug and alcohol use is provided by Paul Dillon, keynote speaker from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia. Students are encouraged  to plan ahead to avoid risky consequences, make informed decisions after assessing risks, look after friends when out socializing, and know when to call for medical assistance should a friend become unwell. Sobering up myths are exposed and substance use and risk taking are discussed in the context of an adolescent’s social life.



Session 2: Small group session

Small group education sessions are a feature of RRISK. The key message of the RRISK program is “Plan ahead and look after your friends, you could save their life”. This message is reinforced by incorporating elements of the Red Cross “Save-a-Mate” program into the training of tertiary student (TAFE, University etc) Group Facilitators. Group Facilitators are then able to demonstrate to Year 11 students how to physically help a friend who may be unconscious. The session is structured so that every student actively participates.

Group Facilitator training sessions are conducted in the month leading up to the RRISK seminars.

Group Facilitators are encouraged to continue supporting the aims of RRISK in their tertiary studies, work life and in their social lives. They are presented with a leadership certificate, following their participation in the seminar day.

Northern – Lismore , Tweed/Murwillumbah

Small group education sessions will be held this year in schools in the weeks before and after the seminars in Lismore, Tweed/Murwillumbah.

Mid North Coast – Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, Port Macquarie

Small group educations sessions will be held on the seminar days in Coffs Harbour, Kempsey, and Port Macquarie.

Session 3: Safe Vehicles

A session on how to buy and maintain a safe vehicle is presented by a Roads and Maritime Services officer. The session provides practical advice on how to choose a second hand car and which vehicle modifications are legal. During the session, students are invited on stage to assess a range of tyres, seatbelts, windscreen wipers and lights to determine whether or not they are roadworthy.  A segment on sharing the road with trucks and heavy vehicles is included. The Pacific  Highway runs through many towns on the North and Mid North Coast and heavy vehicles are an ever present danger to all drivers.

Session 4: Young Driver Session

This session was redeveloped in 2015. The new Young Drivers Session is an interactive film experience portraying the story of a group of young people going to a party. The session includes 2 films, each playing out different scenarios. Students explore the transport options in each scenario, consider choices made at crucial moments and witness the destinations reached. The session focuses on transport planning, maintaining focus, driving to conditions and passenger behaviour.

Session 5: My story

Tweed Heads and Lismore seminars – This is a personal story by a young man who has been permanently injured as a result of a motor vehicle crash involving alcohol and drugs. The presenter reflects on how his decision to take risks resulted in the tragic death of two young women and his own permanent disability and limited options for a fulfilling life.

Coffs Harbour and Kempsey seminars – This presentation is by a young man who was seriously injured in a motor bike crash which occurred while speeding and attempting to avoid police. The presenter discusses how his attitudes towards driving, road rules and disregard for the safety of others led to his permanent disability.

Port Macquarie – This presentation is by a young man who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash. The presenter highlights the dangers involved in driving, and how the decisions you make on the road can affect you for the rest of your life.

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