Evaluation of RRISK

The RRISK program has been evaluated over a number of years with positive outcomes for students who participate. Please check out our evaluation reports, peer reviewed publications and examples of students’ and teachers’ views about the value of the RRISK Seminars.

The annual process evaluation reports provide an overview of the program, schools attending and students and teachers’ views on the value of the RRISK Seminars.



The outcome evaluation found that RRISK was effective in reducing young driver crashes.  Researchers identified RRISK as a resilience building, best practice model.

Please note an erratum to this paper was published in February 2010

  • Erratum

“An error occurred in this article by Senserrick et al. published in the November 2009 issue of Pediatrics (doi:10.1542/peds.2009-0659). On page 1288, under the heading Driver Education Programs, on line 41-44, reads: “Additional details can be on the program Web site (www.ryda.com.au/html/the-program.html.).” This statement has been retracted. The program operators advise that this is a different program from that evaluated at the time of the study.”


Examples of students’ comments about the RRISK Seminars

  • I never knew a lot of these things. Learnt so much, it was a real eye opener
  • Thank you for a brilliant reminder to look out for each other by making the right choices
  • This was great, every year 11 student should be here, it was an awesome day
  • I never knew that my life had been in danger until today
  • I think it was good that you didn’t tell us not to drink but what to do when drinking
  • Was entertaining enough to maintain interest and informative enough to be worth paying attention. I feel more people should view this seminar
  • The seminar was really effective and informative and it made me think more carefully about drinking and driving
  • It was really good. Heavy information, really engages audience
  • It was very useful and I learnt things that I didn’t know before that I will definitely apply
  • Good, informative but not pushy
  • Entertaining, shocking, effective

What Students Learnt – Safe Driving

  • Don’t be scared to tell people when you’re driving to be quiet
  • How important it is to not speed
  • Do not drink and drive!
  • What to do in the case of an accident
  •  The consequences (in court) for crashing
  • Never go in a car with a driver who’s over the limit or a stupid driver
  • The difference in stopping distance between cars and trucks
  • How to drive safely near trucks blind spots

What Students Learnt – Car Safety

  • Don’t use frayed seatbelts
  • How to choose and buy a safe car
  • About under and over-inflated tyres
  • Check the tyres, lights and windscreen wipers on a car at least once every fortnight
  • Maintaining a car properly
  • You can’t have V8 or v6 turbos

What Students Learnt – Alcohol

  • Have a meal one and a half hours before drinking
  • Have a glass of water after each glass of alcohol
  • Binge drinking can kill, I didn’t realise the severe consequences
  • How bad spirits are
  • How to look after drunk mates
  • If you want to sober up; time is the only way
  • Alcohol stays in the blood even early the next morning
  • Water, bread and cold showers don’t sober people up
  • Don’t put drunk people to sleep until sober

What Students Learnt – Alcohol Emergencies

  • How to look after a drunk person properly
  • How to put someone in the recovery position
  • If someone’s unconscious and doesn’t respond call an ambulance
  • When you ring 000 ambulance the police don’t automatically come
  • Emergency numbers 112 and 000
  • New updates of DRABC – new techniques

Risks and Consequences

  • Your actions can be fatal, everything has a consequence
  • Think seriously before you act and plan ahead
  • I am not invincible
  • You are very vulnerable under the influence of alcohol
  • Don’t take chances with your life and others
  • Act responsibly and look after your friends

Examples of teachers’ comments about the RRISK seminars

  • Fabulous day. Would like to have brought more staff
  • This is the way to present this information. At a special venue with specialised presenters. Much more effective than a school presentation by everyday teachers
  • I would like to commend Paul on his presentation, all students were interested and engaged and they and staff found his presentation highly captivating
  • Professional, powerful and so worthwhile – well done
  • Noticed a few changes in presentation which I think were very effective, eg Paul Dillon talking about ‘hard liquor’, the information on trucks, and the breakaway session focusing on DRABC
  • Great way to get a message across to all kids. Relevant information. Fantastic.
  • ‘My Story’ – Wow! What an impact. An excellent day. I think that the re-telling of personal stories made a big impact on the students. The venue added impact and the importance to issues. Thanks for a great day.

Evaluation of the DRIVE Theatre Session

The DRIVE Theatre session developed by Roundabout Theatre in conjunction with Road Safety Officers on the RRISK Committee has been included in the RRISK Seminars since 2011. A detailed evaluation of this session is included in the RRISK Annual Evaluation Report 2012.

Peer Reviewed Publications

  • van Beurden, E, Zask, A, Brooks, L , Dight, R Heavy episodic drinking and sensation seeking in adolescents as predictors of harmful driving and celebrating behaviours: implications for prevention. Journal of Adolescent Health 37(2005) 37-43. See article
  • Elkington, E, van Beurden, E, Zask, A, Dight, R and Johnson, W RRISK a sustainable intersectoral partnership. Youth Studies Australia 25, 2 (2006) 17-24. See article
  • Zask,A, van Beurden, E, Brooks, L, Dight, R Is it worth the RRISK? Evaluation of the RRISK (Reduce Risk, Increase Student Knowledge) program for adolescents in rural Australia.Journal of Adolescent Health 38(2006) 495-503. See article
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    RRISK is a health promotion program that addresses risk-taking behaviour amongst year 11 students in the North Coast of NSW.